About The MOVIE


About Doctor Strange

Country: United States

Year: 2016

Category: Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Release Date: Oct 28, 2016

Director: Scott Derrickson

Starring: Rachel McAdams, Benedict Cumberbatch, Mads Mikkelsen

Age Restriction: 13 years

Duration: 121 minutes

Budget: $105, 000, 000

Box Office: $$$?

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Why Should You Watch Doctor Strange?

There are a host of reasons that you might want to watch this Marvel movie, especially as it is now so popular to watch movies online but there is really only one really good reason: It’s a great excuse for a party!
Think of it this way: November is the beginning of the traditional holiday season and everyone is trying to think of the most original party theme to enhance their own celebration.
You could host the most creative of all holiday parties by doing a Pop-Up Party logging onto the Doctor Strange stream and serving some imaginative inter-dimensionally named treats.
If a party isn’t your thing, there are a few other reasons you might be interested in watching the first of Marvels new hero- types – the inter-dimensional view of a superhero life aka the arrogant, know-it- all human who is provoked by some physical event into a realization that they are not the actual hub of the universe.
If you are a person that loves intellectual argumentative discussions, you should watch to find out if you agree with the argument that the casting of the Ancient One as a white woman instead of an Asian Male and the change of location from Tibet to Nepal is important or legitimate.
The first part of the fiery discussion that is underway on social media is that first of all, the comic book character is male and the movie version is female – well, sort of. Actually, the character seems to many to be androgynous.
The argument goes that the only reason that Marvel studios made the choice of setting change was because they were sucking up to customers in China – who are at odds right now with Tibet.
Another very good reason to watch is to discover if long- embedded human traits can actually change or do they linger on in a new form?
The question is: Will Doctor Strange change from the arrogant jerk that he so loved about himself or will he remain arrogant in a new setting?
There is only one way to find out. Mark the date – November 4 th – and watch Doctor Strange, the full movie online.

Doctor Strange: The Peculiar Storyline

In the world of Marvel comics, superheroes are pretty much straightforward goodie-two- shoe characters with extraordinary powers who are out to save the world. Well, with the entrance of Doctor Strange, that is the first thing to change.
In his real-life, this guy is a first-class jerk! Sure, he’s well educated – book-wise, anyway. If you ask him, he is the most amazing neurosurgeon in the world. His skill sets are huge! And, the kicker?
His self-assessment also includes the fact that he is the most incredible husband, a terrific speaker with the best words and a wonderful friend (as long as the other party goes along with everything he says.) Other than all that, he has no special powers or skills. Then, life hands this magnificent narcissist a platter of crap!
He and his wife has a deadly car accident where his wife is killed and his hands (the main tool of his trade) are damaged beyond any practical use as a surgeon. Does he review his life and decide to make lemonade from these lemons? No. He gets angry with the world and blames everyone else for not finding a way to fix his mangled digits. In other words, he’s a sour puss.Now, so far, this doesn’t sound like much of a resume for a superhero type.
With no desire to learn something new so that he can continue to help others, he slinks around trying to find the magical, mystical cure so he can fix himself. (Keep in mind, that every choice Doctor Strange makes is first about his own well-being – at least at this juncture!)
In his attempt to find a way to heal the broken hands on his own, he stumbles – and sometimes, staggers – into the realm of inter-dimensional mysteries and undertakes to learn how to use the knowledge to fix his personal disfigurement.

Doctor Strange: Movie Development – A Bit of Inside Info

Nearly all movies that find their way to production run into major challenges and delaying hurdles. On average, the time that the premise for the film leaves the idea-room until it leaves the cutting room floor is about 5 years. As with everything else about Doctor Strange, the full movie, it only takes 30 years to maneuver its way through the tangled net of production challenges to find a final home. The timeline starts in 1986 and is finally scheduled for release on November 4, 2016.
It was in 1986 that Bob Gale started this rocky road up the mountain with a notice that he was working on the first script for one of Marvel’s lesser-known heroes – Doctor Strange. Strangely, it ended there and the hero remained in a sludge pile of paper.
But, Gale’s mention of this previously ignored character, spurned the imagination of two more writers and when they realized that nothing was happening from Gale’s typewriter (that’s a thing used before computers), Alex Cox and Stan Lee co-wrote a script in 1989 where Doctor Strange traveled into the Fourth Dimension and eventually landed on Easter Island. Regency Films wanted to make it but their distributor, Warner Brothers, was in a legal dispute with Marvel and the project was scrapped.
Between December 1992 and February 2014, the character had gone through seven main writers and a hoard of studio collaboration writers before its final landing with Scott Derrickson and C. Robert Cargill not to mention the whole Doctor Strange Cast.
During that same period, it went through almost as many film studios until Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel, decided that Marvel should make the film themselves. Thank heavens! Because of this one decision, we can all watch Doctor Strange online on November 4 th ! Woo-hoo!

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